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Hotel Management Consult

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Monitoring and analysis service

1.   Analysis of marketing activities:       

     - Customer relations;       

     - Loyalty programs;       

     - Corporate image and Public Relations;       

     - Electronic and Internet marketing and web site

2.   Product analysis:       

     - Services;       

     - Facilities, amenities and entertainment

3.   Human resources:       

     - Evaluation of staff motivation, personnel management, communication and staff turnover;       

     - Assessment of staff skills, motivation and performance.   

4.   Revenue and expenditures:    

     - Analysis of control over restaurant expenditure- procurement, supply, storage, distribution, preparation, cooking, serving;    

     - Analysis of cost control for hotel part- staff costs, laundry costs, travel agents’ commissions and other reservations costs, etc.   

     - Revenue analysis- Correlation product/pricing, positioning, existing and anticipated contracts, existing web site and reservations.Hotel star rating classification

     - Analysis and evaluation of the product and recommendations concerning the preparation of documentation related to application for the respective category

     - Development and implementation of detailed plan to meet the requirements for each category